My piece for the exhibition In Place Dublin, 29th Sept - 3rd Oct 2016, 12 Tara Street, Dublin 2. A collective of mixed-media artists working in Dublin, Ireland. Reframing the way we view disused urban space. IN PLACE is a collective of artists from Dublin, Belfast and Glasgow. We want to change the way Dubliner's interact with vacant urban space. Instead of viewing the multitude of empty spaces we see every day as 'non-places,' we want you to revalue disused space
for it's latent potential.

IN PLACE Dublin from shane mc cormack on Vimeo.

dlr Lexicon Library
A piece I shot and edited for Carr Cotter Naessens Architects.
Carr Cotter Naessens Architects are an architecture and design studio based in Cork.
dlrLexicon: RIAI Best Culture Building and Best Public Building 2015 dlr Lexicon: Overall Schueco Excellence Award & Sustainable Award 2015

dlr Lexicon Carr Cotter Naessens Architects from shane mc cormack on Vimeo.

Navigating the Public Space
A short documentary about performance artist Leah Smith, that I co-filmed and edited.
Leah Smith was the winner of Talbot Gallery & Studios Most Promising Graduate Award 2014 for her performance piece at IADT graduate exhibition

Navigating the Public Space from shane mc cormack on Vimeo.

The Hotel
My work is about an exploration of a place to build up a portrait of it and the inhabitants.The hotel, by its nature, is somewhere that people come and go for a short while. This transitory characteristic is used as a metaphor for our lives. Using the camera and the juxtaposition between still and moving image I examine and document the environment to get a sense of place, past and present.

The Hotel from shane mc cormack on Vimeo.

Moving Pictures
Video piece from Tales from the Overlook Exhibition. This work uses Stanley Kubrick's The Shining as a way to explore the relationship between the still and moving image.

MOVING PICTURES from shane mccormack on Vimeo.

Night and the City This video explores the city at night and its meaning to different people. It can be a harsh, daunting place to some and to others a place of enjoyment and wonder. I use the camera to explore areas through color, texture and mood. The sound was created to further enhances this experience.

Night and the City from shane mccormack on Vimeo.